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Many Technologies. One Partner

Assessing The Situation

At Techpoint IT Solutions., our assessment services begin with a business conversation. We make sure we understand not only your existing technology environment and immediate requirements, but your long-range business objectives. From our careful analysis of your IT systems, assets and infrastructure, and your current capacity and capabilities, we provide a clear snapshot of what you have, what you can do with it, and what you’ll need to do more.

Using our findings as a base, we take a technology-neutral approach to filter the myriad of available options to those that can be deployed realistically, within your current environment, budget and scope. Once we’ve defined your requirements and our recommended action, we then begin the process of defining a practical deployment strategy that gets your solution up and running efficiently and cost-effectively.

Designed To Perform

You’ve evaluated your current technology environment, its strengths, its gaps and its untapped potential. You’ve defined your goals and requirements. You’ve identified which technologies you need to reach your objectives. What next? Trust the enterprise architects at Techpoint IT Solutions. to design the solution that gets you from assessment to implementation

At Techpoint IT Solutions., we take an array of business factors into consideration when designing your enterprise architecture, including physical constraints, budgetary parameters and operational requirements. Our designs are developed to reduce your downtime as well as your learning curve. We create a custom architecture that respects your skill level, comfort zone, and technological demands. Whether designing your infrastructure from the ground up, or in parallel with an existing infrastructure, we’ll make sure your architecture is robust, secure, scalable and simple to maintain.

Tested In Our Environment. So It Performs In Yours.

Whether integrating a solution — or several — into your current technology environment, or integrating your custom solution in our own testing environment, at Techpoint IT Solutions. we have the proven experience to know which technologies work best together and which don’t. This will save you countless hours, headaches and costly downtime.

For large-scale integration projects with complex requirements, we have the unique capabilities to build your integrated solution in our state-of-the-art testing lab. This allows us to test each stage of the integration without disrupting your operations or taking up your valuable data center space. We’ll make sure your integrated systems work before they go live in your environment. Which means you’ll get a customized solution built to meet your specific needs, and to perform when, where and how you need it to.

Implementing Success

A successful implementation requires a strategic plan. At Techpoint IT Solutions., we work with you to identify the appropriate resources and best practices for implementing your solution efficiently, seamlessly and successfully. This includes rigorous testing to ensure the systems we implement work well with each other, as well as within your heterogeneous environment.

Throughout every phase of the implementation, our seasoned experts provide you with a detailed plan mapping out how best to deploy the solution with minimized risk and downtime. Beyond a working solution, we’ll equip you with complete documentation to keep the environment running smoothly, long after we’ve left the building. We transfer our knowledge to your team, empowering them to manage and maximize the value of your technology investments. So that your people become your greatest IT asset.