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Leverage the Hybrid Cloud

Empower your business with Cloud Solutions from Techpoint IT Solutions.. Designed to enable your organization with more agile, cost effective technologies, our Cloud services and solutions span many different topologies and varying levels of capability to address your organization’s present-day need.

  • Higher utilization of resources
  • Significantly decrease time to complete service requests
  • Financially and technically better solutions for risk mitigation and increased business agility
  • Easily migrate to your hybrid cloud solution based on our proven assessment process

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All Systems Working Together

Your IT infrastructure should support your business goals, not hinder them. At Techpoint IT Solutions., we simplify and optimize even the most complex infrastructures and heterogeneous operating system environments. We begin by assessing your current environment, challenges and needs. We then select and deploy solutions driven by your specific requirements and objectives. Whether maximizing the utilization of existing systems, integrating and consolidating systems and servers for greater efficiency and cost savings, or designing and building your scalable architecture from the ground up, we’ll make sure your infrastructure works to:

  • Reduce costs associated with managing complex and disparate systems
  • Enhance your business agility and business decision support
  • Increase system utilization and availability
  • Drive greater performance from existing assets
  • Improve the productivity of your people
  • Exploit emerging technologies more quickly and cost-effectively
  • Prepare your business for growth

Virtualization Realized

Many organizations have embraced the concept of virtualization, only to encounter the myriad of complexities inherent in managing a virtual environment. At Techpoint IT Solutions., we not only ease the transition to virtualization, but our expertise extends well beyond the application layer, enabling us to optimize the way you manage — and maximize — your entire environment.

Through careful assessment and evaluation, we make sure we understand how your current virtualization investments impact your people, processes and systems. Leveraging this insight, we’ll help you make the right decisions about where and how to virtualize so that you see the greatest return from your investment, across the enterprise — from the desktop to the network. We’ll build the proper framework to support your virtualization and consolidation initiatives. What’s more, we’ll help you develop and enact the processes, tools and procedures that promote the long-term success of your virtualization strategy. In short, we make the promise of virtualization a business reality.

Your Information, Secured

In the age of the expanded enterprise, organizations amass massive amounts of information about their employees, customers, products, R&D efforts, financial health and more. Not only is this information highly sensitive, it is also extremely vulnerable — especially when ferried back and forth across your network. Protecting this information from leakage, unauthorized access, malicious use and sabotage is critical to your business’s bottom line. So is finding the right security partner.

At Techpoint IT Solutions., we’ll help you understand just how vulnerable your data is — and what threats it’s up against. Our on-staff Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs) expose and eliminate risks, helping you select and implement solutions that protect your — and your customers’ — data. More than the best products, we’ll work with you to develop and implement best practices for securing your network and infrastructure, as well as the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information they transport.